Geestep is a complete and professional footwear development and production management solution.

Geestep offers our specialized services to independent and established retailers.

Our team includes individuals with a wide range of product development and production backgrounds while catering for large and small brands alike. Each team member’s contributions is combined into decades of industry experience and expertise. All of this in one accessible and highly collaborative creative environment.

In addition, our in-house services include:

  • Consulting
  • Research & Planning
  • Sourcing
  • Creative & Technical Design
  • Sample Making for products in all footwear categories and markets


Our mission is to be an industry leader in product development and production management solutions worldwide.

Our combined experience allows us to refine a unique development process that supports new and existing brands alike. We break down the barriers for brands to work seamlessly with our factories, taking you from concept to consumer systematically and efficiently. Each stage is carefully crafted into plans that encompass the most effective method for getting your line ready for the production, with efficiency and support from our team of experts.



Our localised production partners take their craft seriously and so do we.

With the most talented makers in Durban under our umbrella, we provide prototypes to full package production, delivering scalable solutions for new and existing brands that require quality products and fast turnaround times.


We understand the importance of scalable solutions in this industry as well as the ability to meet competitive pricing demands.

So we’ve made it a point to partner with production facilities in China to meet your manufacturing needs at any scale. Our in-house team provides full-scope development and production support so you don’t have to worry about finding the right suppliers; navigating language barriers, varied standards, time zone differences and agonizing over back and forth development mistakes. We become your “eyes and ears” at the factory, ensuring your standards are met and the factory has the support they need to deliver great product.


We are located at Durban’s popular Social & Business precinct, Florida Road.

Our team assures your footwear development and production success.

Who are we? We are industry artisans, creative professionals, and technical designers whose passions revolve around form and function.

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